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Re: baby budgie food

Posted by Aunt Bea on 9/25/07
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    On 9/25/07, karen wrote:
    > Maddie is a 14 year old girl trying to learn about birds
    > She wants help on how and when to get her first budgie
    > She is trying to make friends with a young budgie & wants to
    > know when she can take it from the nest.
    > Please go easy on her

    That was very nice of you to mention that Karen. I hope these
    people behave. We all had to learn someway/where.

    > On 9/25/07, Seamus wrote:
    >> On 9/25/07, Mercedez wrote:
    >>> I would never recommend raising and breeding budgie. WAY TOO
    >>> MANY OUT THERE. And its sad that MOST get put into small
    >>> dinky cage as "ornaments" no toys or anything and its very
    >>> sad... And HUNDREDS are in b ird rescues and sanctions
    >>> Also Zupreem formula is best, or MissingLink Formula.
    >> Aye, tis true Mercedez. But don't forget to be telling the
    >> good folks here that you were once a breeder of budgerigar.
    >> Wouldn't be quite fair to be holding that wee bit of
    >> information from them.