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Re: baby budgie food

Posted by Maddie on 9/26/07
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    Thanks Karen and Aunt Bea, you guys are
    lovely. Well actually I'm 13 and I got my first
    budgie on my 10th birthday (or birdday). His
    name was Bruce and it wasn't a good start
    to my parrot-keeping life because he must
    have had some type of brain damage because
    he was always going crazy and trying to
    wedge himself into places. I kept him in a
    cage for about 7 months because he was too
    old to train and let him fly around. Then my
    grandpa (who was also a birdkeeper) came
    down a build an avairy just for me in my
    backyard. I put a few more birds in there
    that day, including some quail. Then the next
    morning I was all happy about my new
    avairy so I ran outside only to find my
    beloved budgie Bruce dead on the floor. He
    had wedged his head into the seed box and
    he must have had his airway cut off. But
    since then I've had quite a few myterious
    deaths of my birds but now I'm going great
    and none of them have died in ages. And
    two of my budgies, Shrek and Jan, have had
    two babies, which are both grey. Now as
    soon as I see them eating by themselves I
    will take one out, train it (that is why I ever
    wanted a budgie in the first place, to hand
    tame, because I had never had any friends
    up to that point) and then train the other
    one. Hopefully I will be able to teach them
    all sorts of tricks and have them be happy
    to be near me, not scared and fly away. I
    guess I was far too impatient when training
    my birds and as soon as they did something
    only once I would have moved on to the
    next step. But the only baby budgie I ever
    had was meant to be a bpy but ended up
    being a girl, so I couldn't train that either.
    But now I have my fingers crossed that at
    least one baby will be a boy, but if they're
    both girls I will try my best. Thanks for your
    support everyone!


    > On 9/25/07, karen wrote:
    >> Maddie is a 14 year old girl trying to
    learn about birds
    >> She wants help on how and when to get
    her first budgie
    >> She is trying to make friends with a
    young budgie & wants to
    >> know when she can take it from the nest.
    >> Please go easy on her
    >On 9/25/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    > That was very nice of you to mention that
    Karen. I hope these
    > people behave. We all had to learn
    > Bea