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Post: Transition to a new Cage

Posted by MoxZ on 11/29/07

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    Hi all. I have bought a new cage for my baby boy budgie
    (who is not especially social to anyone but me, and barely
    to me)... I bought him a nice cage on a stand that turns
    out is a cockatiel cage. It has horizontal bars instead of
    the vertical parakeet cage bars like the cage he's in now.
    It's a nice cage, more room for him, but I'm wondering if
    there is some relevance of safety in the position of the
    bars? Also, how do I transition him? He will let me hold
    him, but he doesn't come out to play as my previous budgie
    did...I don't want to just plop him in the new cage. That
    might be traumatic!

    I would be delighted with any answers (except rude ones
    thank you)

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