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Re: The Budgie eggs just hatched what do i do now?

Posted by Wayne on 10/01/09
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    On 12/15/07, Jaclyn wrote:
    > My budgies have laid 7 eggs, one egg the mother broke, but
    > the rest were good. 2 of them have hatched. I heard that
    > they were supposed to hatch every other day but these
    > hatched right around the same time. is it possible that
    > they cme from the same egg and they're twins? Well my most
    > important question is what do i do now, what do i feed
    > them, how do i do it..... i need steps... i need help!!

    I'd aquire information as fast as possible. It's entirely
    possible the male may hurt the babies, so you may need to
    remove him till you pull the young from the mother, the
    mother should take care of feeding herself and the young.
    Find a decent pet store, most offer books on specific
    species of birds, find the one that pertains to your breed.
    I'd find out immediatly what concerns you should have about
    the male and what actions to take with him for the safety of
    the young. If your breeding you really need to research how
    to hand feed the young so that their social and use to being
    handled, most people like their birds hand fed so the will
    have to be pull from the mother at an early age, not too
    early mind you, you'll also need to look into what equipment
    you'll need for when they are first pulled such as a warming
    device that you can monitor the temp it needs to be at.
    Primary things to find out about the male being in the same
    cage tho, then its just a matter of learning when to pull
    them for hand feeding and what equipment you need for when
    you do. Best of luck and hope the little ones do well.