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Post: Can I tame a pair?

Posted by Birdlover on 3/12/08

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    I bought a parakeet (young) from Petco. I know this isn't
    the best place to purchase from (not Petco in particular,
    but any "bin-o-budgies" type place). The bird was a
    little shy, but I was able to at least handle it and it
    would run up my chest to perch on my shoulder and hide
    under my hair. Really cute. So I started thinking about
    how lonely the poor fellow will be and I went back and got
    another. They adore each other and now the first one, or
    the other for that matter, want nothing to do with me.
    They will tolerate me putting a hand in the cage ok, but I
    can't even get one to jump on my finger. Did I mess up by
    getting both so close together? Are they bonded now and I
    won't be able to tame them? If not, it's long
    as they're happy.

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