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Re: parakeet hatched 2 babies

Posted by Wayne on 10/01/09
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    On 8/10/08, sarah wrote:
    > hello all
    > my bird who is 2 had 5 babies
    > 1 died due to the father we took him out of the cage
    > shes taking such good car of them now
    > i was wondering when i can touch them and move them to
    > there new cage with the mom
    > and when i can introduce the dad back
    > and if there is anythign i should feed them special
    > i have wheat bread in there millet and seed and fresh water
    > i would love any and all help i can get i adore animals
    > and want these lil babies to live

    Ive a few thoughts, may be right or wrong. Firstly I
    recommend you do some indepth reseach. Secondly, I'd
    personally not reintroduce the male till the babies are
    removed from the mothers care and cage since he went after
    one already, you've a mating pair, having others in with
    them, no matter at what age, would probably prove to be
    disruptive to them and im sure the father will prove to be
    highly territorial. And one more thought is that you look
    into hand feeding the young. Most times if the young are
    left too long with the female you'll have issues with taming
    them. Learn how much formula and how often the feedings are.
    Having an incubator or other warming device to keep the
    young in at first will probably be needed. Then find out
    when its safe to pull the young to start hand feeding. Hope
    i've helped, and best of luck to you and the little ones.