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Post: Unexpected eggs

Posted by Popcorn on 7/09/09

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    Hello! I have a ten year old female keet who has just
    laid an egg. She has lived with three different males in
    her life, had never laid an egg, and now after almost a
    year of not having a male she lays one. I have recently re-
    hand tamed her and moved her into a smaller cage due to an
    upcoming move. I don't know if those things could have
    triggered it, but those are the only changes I can think
    of! Anyway, I'm wondering if the diet I have her on is
    good or if I need to change something. She usually gets a
    meal of freash food in the morning (right now it's whole
    wheat elbow pasta with some mixed veggies from a frozen
    bag (lima beans, peas, corn, carrots, and green beans).
    Then in the late morning/afternoon I give seed to last the
    rest of the day. I know calcium is an issue, so I am
    boiling an egg right now and I have a cuddle bone in the
    cage. Is there anything else anyone sugests? I'm going
    to the store to get replacement eggs for her, how long
    should I leave those in there?

    Also, before she laid the egg I was worried about her
    because she was throwing her head up, her eyes would
    dialate, raise her tail, and the anus (I think that's what
    it is in birds) would have contractions. She would stay
    like that for a minute or two. I thought maybe so was
    constipated or something else was wrong (again, I was
    definatly not expecting an egg!). Is this a sign that she
    is just going to lay or that she is egg bound? She is
    doing it again, which is why I am asking. Someone please
    get back to me on this, I would hate for her to be
    eggbound and me not do anything about it. Thanks!

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