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Re: clipping my parakeets wings

Posted by Joyce Williams on 9/03/11
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    On 4/09/11, gio wrote:
    > hi
    > im not so sure on how to clip my parakeets wings is it
    > 4,5,6,or10 feathers tht we have to clip?!?!?!?!

    When deciding to clip wings, you will first need to decide, do
    you want to clip the bird , because you want to tame it, or do
    you wish to let it fly just not as high? If you want it to be
    off balance, you will clip only one wing and not the whole
    wing.I will try and explain this to you. Look at your left
    hand as it was your bird's right wing. your thumb will be the
    feathers closest to his body. to make the bird off balance you
    will clip inch from your thumb to your middle finger,
    leaving the pinky and the one next to it alone. Your bird will
    still look nice but be unbalanced, so make sure not to place
    him up high where he will hit the ground hard as he will still
    have the instinct to fly. If you clip both wings the same
    make no mistake he can still fly not as high but far and fast.
    I hope this helps You.

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