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Post: Posting photos #101

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/05/07

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    Oh no you don't Cheri you have to learn ~~~~~~~

    go to to open a free account.

    I use my camera program to crop and /or resize all photos
    to about 800x600 pixels and save to a folder on my
    desktop. This way they are ready for email and to burn to
    a cd.

    After photos are uploaded in your album hilight the top
    url under a thumbnail/select copy... I use 2 windows
    working in photos... come back here and right clik again
    and paste in the Image URL box AFTER you delete the
    existing http://

    taa daa should be a photo appear. This one is the tiels
    area. Lilo/quaker and lovies are across the room.

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