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Re: Sissys 1st egg

Posted by Cheri on 1/05/07
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    On 1/05/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > congratulations :-)
    > those same birds of mine that lay on the 11th day also hatch
    > on the 19th day. Incubation for them is the true 18 days
    > with them setting asap. Others can take up to 21 and more.
    > My own Whisper (a baby from 2 years ago) was a week over the
    > projected hatch date. Angel is another from that same time
    > frame but I can't remember details.

    Thank you Linda,,, Well we have been gone for the most part of
    today went and got a really nice BIG cage for my quaker..he
    allready had a fairly big cage but this one is newer and
    nicer.. anyways dads in on the egg and mom is eating so over
    the next couple days we shall see , this is her first clutch I
    will definately keep you posted and try to figure out how to
    send you pics... have a great day