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Re: eggs?

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/15/07
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    if the egg is clear it isn't fertile Cheri. eggs turn dark
    after 7'ish days as babys grow. I've never seen anything
    but dark after that but some say they see a baby moving.

    With them mating again sounds to me like this confirms not
    fertile. I would toss first eggs myself. Do they need a
    break with nest box off? One way or 'tother boost her
    calcium foods of kale, broccoli, mustard and collard
    greens. A couple of those every day. Little bits not whole

    not sure about the shell off either? could this have been a
    soft shell egg in the first place or did you see hard shell
    before? Inside is just a membrane/lining. If it was a soft
    shell she didn't have enough calcium to begin with. This
    can lead to major health issues.

    My thought is to take off nest box and hope they haven't
    made eggs right now. If she lays one anyway go ahead and
    put nb back on and go with the flow. Main thing is to boost

    good thoughts,