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Re: eggs?

Posted by Cheri on 1/15/07
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    On 1/15/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > if the egg is clear it isn't fertile Cheri. eggs turn dark
    > after 7'ish days as babys grow. I've never seen anything
    > but dark after that but some say they see a baby moving.
    > With them mating again sounds to me like this confirms not
    > fertile. I would toss first eggs myself. Do they need a
    > break with nest box off? One way or 'tother boost her
    > calcium foods of kale, broccoli, mustard and collard
    > greens. A couple of those every day. Little bits not whole
    > leaves.
    > not sure about the shell off either? could this have been a
    > soft shell egg in the first place or did you see hard shell
    > before? Inside is just a membrane/lining. If it was a soft
    > shell she didn't have enough calcium to begin with. This
    > can lead to major health issues.
    > My thought is to take off nest box and hope they haven't
    > made eggs right now. If she lays one anyway go ahead and
    > put nb back on and go with the flow. Main thing is to boost
    > calcium.
    > good thoughts,
    > LindaC

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks I have no idea what to think ,,the egg had a hard shell
    to begin with and when I peaked today total five eggs the one
    egg has a big spot of just lining, membrane... I thought you
    could see dark in shell at this time if my memorie serves me
    correctly, as its been a couple years... I am giving them
    broccoli everyday as well as a variety of mixed veggies and
    fruit... they are brooding these eggs all the time taking
    turns... I am to understand you ...? you want me to pull
    everything away from them and then have them start over
    later? I think they are done laying we are upto five eggs and
    it has stopped, I just peeked in on her and the one egg I was
    telling you about is hallow they peeled the membrane and there
    is just a 1/2 shell she is laying on the rest of the eggs.. I
    will go to the store and get the other veggies as
    well.,..thank you