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Re: eggs?

Posted by Cheri on 1/17/07
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    On 1/17/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > I thought they weren't interested and not setting. If they are
    > setting they will abandon sometime.
    > Should have read other posts to refresh my memory. also seems
    > like these eggs are 2 clutches. My rememberer is broke right
    > now.
    > Tiels don't usually eat eggs but I've heard from a couple of
    > ladys theirs did. Not good of course. Did you take the part
    > egg out so it won't promote bacteria growth?

    Hi Linda good to see you on here, was waiting for No I
    didnt take that out... I have no idea what to do .. they are still
    sitting on the eggs and very protective so its real hard to do
    anything with them... I am thinking I need to get the birds out of
    there and throw all the eggs away?...But if I do that I think they
    will probably just start breeding again.. Heck I have no idea what
    to do except let nature take its course.. I imagine by next week
    sometime when the first egg is due the 25th if nothing happens
    they may just give up and then I could remove it all then... they
    are eating greens and broccolli and doing everything they are
    suppose to.. so I am just letting them be for the most part.
    However I did notice they are separating the eggs and both sit on
    them in box. Thats all I know.