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Re: Tiel genetics/Kitty

Posted by Debby on 1/16/07
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    Kitty Im under the impression that in order to get a
    whiteface, both of the parent birds have to have some
    whiteface in them. Whiteface is a recessive gene. If you
    paired up a white face, lets say with a pearl pied, you would
    get no whitefaces if there is no whiteface history in the
    pearl pied. Now if the pearl pied had some whiteface in her,
    then you would have the possibility of getting whiteface babies.

    Hope this helps.


    > I have the chance to get a Tiel pair. But the owner is
    > unsure of if they are siblings or not. She believes so
    > because she bought them at the same petstore 4ys ago. And
    > the female is a white faced Tiel and the male is normal
    > colored. This may sound stupid but I never though white
    > faces came form normals, or could be in the same clutch of
    > a normal. Plz any info will help, THANKS!