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Re: eggs?

Posted by jill on 1/17/07
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    Cheri, don't panic just yet. if this is the first clutch for
    this pair it happens alot that they won't be fertile.
    especially if you have an inexperienced male. my nm and
    lutino female laid eggs like 5 times before they finally got
    some that hatched. do you have aspen wood shavings in the
    nb? if yes make sure they stay moist but not wet. helps keep
    the shells from drying out so when you do get babies they
    won't be trapped inside the shell. plenty of green stuff to
    eat. while there are no babies on you can feed eggs on...extra calcium lots of protien. good luck,

    On 1/15/07, Cheri wrote:
    > Hi Linda
    > I just took the flashlight to all remaining eggs there is
    > not darkness to them whatsoever..they are clear as can
    > be?? I dont get it hes been doing her and then she would
    > lay a egg... whats wrong? Ok so now that this is
    > happening to I take it all away from them? I am not sure
    > what to do at this point.