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Re: eggs? /no don't moisten shavings.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/18/07
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    nest box is to be dry. humidity is given with daily bath
    container. The adults get wet and take moisture back to the
    eggs as needed. They know what to do. In this case it is a
    mute point anyway.

    With adults still setting leave the eggs for now. They will
    abandon about 25'ish days after 'last' one was laid. Sorry
    they are clear. It does sometimes happen. I had one pair that
    only had clear and gave then an egg or 2 from other pairs to set
    on and to hatch and feed a while. They were great foster
    parents. I do NOT ever switch partners.

    When you remove these eggs I would take off nb until about mid
    march for spring babys. That's when breeding season is to me to
    allow for 2 clutches each pair.

    After you take off nest box it is possible you will find an egg
    in time in a food dish. That's happened a couple times here and
    I put on nb for just that pair. Just going with nature.

    good luck,