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Re: photos/Taa Daa :-)

Posted by Cheri on 1/18/07
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    On 1/18/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Knew you could do it.
    > Wow Cheri you are a beautiful lady.
    > Love the birdies and the beagle.
    > You can trim down messages a bit to save space on the site. sometimes I remove all the
    > last message.
    > Now I can put my ole feet up a while.
    > thanks for sharing :-)
    Thank you,,,wow that was a challenge.. and now you want me to do ok I will
    give it my best.. still have photos to upload in the photobucket and can share with you ,
    Thanks for all your teaching not only with birds but with photos and computers... I will
    take these guys out of there comfy little love nest next week and put them back in the big
    cage and maybe try agian in March...just depends.. I may try to let them have one clutch but
    dont want babies all the time.
    that was funny about lilo...I know what you mean.. Kiwi cracks me up,,he is so funny with
    all his little antics.. and then when you tell him shhhh.. he laughs at you.. thats sure
    cute her little blankie.. gotta lovem.. Oh yeah and I think the big challenge for me is
    like you put more than one photo on a post.. you did the one with your picture oval and than
    like three more.. thats some tricky computer
    agian thanks for that lesson that was fun and I will post more later.. not feeling all that
    hot today flu maybe so going to go lay down..