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Re: photos/Taa Daa :-) ooops

Posted by Cheri on 1/18/07
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    On 1/18/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > why I clicked on submit I have no idea........
    > I have Microsoft Picture It to make the collages then upload them to photobucket. It makes life
    > easy for me.
    > I didn't have a cold for almost 2 years. With the first sign of that funny sneeze I took an
    > airbornne. Not long ago something snuck past and I was sick for 5 days. Airbornne is a great
    > product. I don't think this last was just a cold.
    > Do you give Kiwi a bath container 2 or 3 times a week during winter and daily in good weather?
    > I put a few drops of Aloe Juice in Lilo's bath water. AJ is available at health food stores or
    > at Walmart.
    > There is also chamomile tea to help plucking. I would do the aj and tea..... Per a holistic
    > avian vet article make a cup of chamomile tea as if to drink and add to water to make 40 oz.
    > Give as only drinking fluid for 3 days then give back regular water. Give back the tea mixture
    > every 2 or 3 days along with regular water. The photo is a friends Lovie/Bamm Bamm. The time
    > frame between photos was 2 months.
    > I'm working on genealogy tonight so probably not back here until tomorrow.
    > Nite all,
    > LindaC

    Hi Linda,, Wow Thats amazing..Kiwi's Vet never mentioned anything like aloe or tea but I will
    deffinately give it a shot .. when his leg was in the cast and he was in the collar some small
    feathers started to come back the ones that came back on his legs are still there but on his
    breast and belly nothing he is just my naked little man.. I will make a mixure of that.. but yes I
    do give him bathing water a couple times a week.. just water thou... cool I will keep you posted
    busy day for me tomorrow I work in a parrot store three days a week and trying to find a
    real job in the free time.. long story... so I will keep you posted.
    Thanks this bathing and aloe and tea will be interesting..
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Cheri (: