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Re: reluctant veggie eater

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 1/18/07
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    On 1/18/07, Lucy wrote:
    > we adopted a 3 yr old tiel about 6 months ago, she's
    > settled into the family nicely and we'd like to get her to
    > eat veggies. She's came on a seed diet and we left it
    > while she adjusted to us. we've tried alot of things and
    > the only veggie she seems to occasionally like is
    > carrots. is it time to play hard ball and take her seeds
    > away during the day? any tips on tried and true favorites?

    I converted my tiels to Zupreem Natural pellets with no
    problems at all. Not even from my hard core seed junkies.
    I had one given to me, his ONLY diet was sunflower seeds !
    But, cannot get any of them to eat fruit or veggies.