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Re: reluctant veggie eater

Posted by Bill R on 1/26/07
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    On 1/20/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 1/18/07, Cheri wrote:
    >> On 1/18/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >>> On 1/18/07, Lucy wrote:
    >>>> we adopted a 3 yr old tiel about 6 months ago, she's
    >>>> settled into the family nicely and we'd like to get her to
    >>>> eat veggies. She's came on a seed diet and we left it
    >>>> while she adjusted to us. we've tried alot of things and
    >>>> the only veggie she seems to occasionally like is
    >>>> carrots. is it time to play hard ball and take her seeds
    >>>> away during the day? any tips on tried and true favorites?
    >>> I converted my tiels to Zupreem Natural pellets with no
    >>> problems at all. Not even from my hard core seed junkies.
    >>> I had one given to me, his ONLY diet was sunflower seeds !
    >>> But, cannot get any of them to eat fruit or veggies.
    >> Hi,,just what I tiels love when I hang greens from the
    >> cage on like a clip ,, they love to chew on them I also just
    >> stick a flower of broccoli there in between the bars with
    >> flower part in the cage. they dont seem to eat it as much in a
    >> dish as when I just stick it in the bars... I know mine like .
    >> peas, corn,and Lima beans and bananna chips also.. but I never
    >> pull there main diet away.
    > I tried sticking broccoli in the cage bars yesterday. They ATE
    > it ! They would never eat anything out of the dish. Thanks,
    > great suggestion !!

    Sorry Meeko's Mom, I sent you a blank response a couple days ago.
    This is my first experience with a chatboard and I'm not strong
    with computer skills. Our Cockatiel has done pretty well with
    veggies, but it really improved when I placed a small mirror toy at
    the rear of his veggie saucer which I located on the floor of his
    cage in a corner. He seems to enjoy watching himself eat. Also I
    give him a freash saucer of finely cut veggies before I cover his
    cage at bedtime. Most of the time the saucer is pretty much clean
    when I uncover him in the morning. Maybe he gets bored waiting for
    me to get up in the morning. I also stick various veggies in his
    bars per some of the suggestions you received and I place veggies
    on platforms in his cage as well. I wish I could get my bird to eat
    more pellets, though.

    --Bill R