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Re: reluctant veggie eater/pb

Posted by Toby's Mom on 1/27/07
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    Some good suggestions here on getting birds to eat veggies. Our conure can
    be picky (although he loves raw carrots). But I found he really likes
    cooked brown rice. So I make a daily mixture of warm brown rice (sometimes
    I save it from dinner or make a small fresh batch and reheat for a couple
    of days). I mix the rice with cooked broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato,
    corn and peas, etc. Kind of like a warm mash. I have noticed when he eats
    the mash, he aims for the rice but he also gets the other stuff mixed in.
    I see the green and orange hanging out his beak with the rice. Sneaky ...
    but at least he is getting some good stuff in him. Also, he loves sweet
    potato casserole. I have a recipe with a very tiny bit of brown sugar in
    it. We make that fairly often as sweet potatos are good for humans also.