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Post: More diet info..

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/18/07

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    This is my own pre typed info but maybe some will get some
    hints. Pellets do not take the place of healthy foods.

    Healthy diet along with spending quality time with Ďyouí
    makes a happy healthy bird. To me a diet for birds is a
    good seed mix, some natural pellets (I donít give every
    day and not the ones with dye), sprouted seeds, fresh
    veggies, cooked foods and treats. cuttlebone, mineral
    block always in cages as well as millet spray most of the

    We start out the day with romaine lettuce and broccoli and
    add a couple others of kale, cilantro, zuchinni, belle
    peppers/all colors, yellow squash, corn on the cob,
    cucumber, sprouted seeds, mustard and collard greens all
    washed well, diced small and fed raw.

    Cooked foods given every evening are chicken or turkey
    either crock pot cooked or baked, brown rice, mashed hard
    boiled egg, baked sweet potato, oatmeal and toast/no milk
    nor sugar, pastas/plain or with sauce. No not all the same
    day but a thing or two.

    treats are cheerios, shredded wheat, animal crackers now
    and then, maybe a chex cereal. They don't get these every

    This first group I never feed.
    Avocados/including quacamole/highly toxic with natural mold
    Raw onions /cause kidney problems
    Mushrooms / itís a fungus
    Nutmeg / cause kidney problems
    Apple Seeds/They have cyanide in them
    Peanuts/Very high in fat content plus natural mold
    Grapes/high sugar plus natural mold
    Raisins/8 times more sugar than grapes
    Gassy foods/Cabbage, turnips, etc.
    High Sugar/Fat (cookies, ice cream, chips, nothing fried,

    Next is occasional or sometimes foods.
    Sunflower seeds/high fat give only a few a day
    Onions/cooked well are okay occasionally
    Salty Foods give in moderation ie celery
    Spinach/only once a week else it blocks calcium.
    Carrots/every 5 to 7 days they are loaded with sugar.
    Apples/I only give once a week or they cause loose stools
    plus natural sugar.
    Orange segment/Now and then
    Breads with yeast/better to give pieces of soft tortillas
    or birdie bread with corn bread base and frozen veggies.

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