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Re: More diet info..

Posted by Jean on 1/19/07
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    OK, this is probably a dumb question, but what are sprouted
    seeds??? (I'm also in OK)

    On 1/18/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > This is my own pre typed info but maybe some will get some
    > hints. Pellets do not take the place of healthy foods.
    > Healthy diet along with spending quality time with Ďyouí
    > makes a happy healthy bird. To me a diet for birds is a
    > good seed mix, some natural pellets (I donít give every
    > day and not the ones with dye), sprouted seeds, fresh
    > veggies, cooked foods and treats. cuttlebone, mineral
    > block always in cages as well as millet spray most of the
    > time.
    > We start out the day with romaine lettuce and broccoli and
    > add a couple others of kale, cilantro, zuchinni, belle
    > peppers/all colors, yellow squash, corn on the cob,
    > cucumber, sprouted seeds, mustard and collard greens all
    > washed well, diced small and fed raw.
    > Cooked foods given every evening are chicken or turkey
    > either crock pot cooked or baked, brown rice, mashed hard
    > boiled egg, baked sweet potato, oatmeal and toast/no milk
    > nor sugar, pastas/plain or with sauce. No not all the same
    > day but a thing or two.
    > treats are cheerios, shredded wheat, animal crackers now
    > and then, maybe a chex cereal. They don't get these every
    > day.
    > This first group I never feed.
    > Avocados/including quacamole/highly toxic with natural mold
    > Rhubarb
    > Eggplant
    > Raw onions /cause kidney problems
    > Mushrooms / itís a fungus
    > Nutmeg / cause kidney problems
    > Apple Seeds/They have cyanide in them
    > Peanuts/Very high in fat content plus natural mold
    > Grapes/high sugar plus natural mold
    > Raisins/8 times more sugar than grapes
    > Caffeine
    > Chocolate
    > Carbanation
    > Gassy foods/Cabbage, turnips, etc.
    > High Sugar/Fat (cookies, ice cream, chips, nothing fried,
    > etc.)
    > Next is occasional or sometimes foods.
    > Sunflower seeds/high fat give only a few a day
    > Onions/cooked well are okay occasionally
    > Salty Foods give in moderation ie celery
    > Spinach/only once a week else it blocks calcium.
    > Carrots/every 5 to 7 days they are loaded with sugar.
    > Apples/I only give once a week or they cause loose stools
    > plus natural sugar.
    > Orange segment/Now and then
    > Breads with yeast/better to give pieces of soft tortillas
    > or birdie bread with corn bread base and frozen veggies.