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Re: More diet info..

Posted by Jo-Ann on 1/19/07
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    On 1/19/07, Jean wrote:
    > OK, this is probably a dumb question, but what are sprouted
    > seeds??? (I'm also in OK)

    Sprouted seeds are seeds that are starting to grow - people
    use them is soups, on sandwiches and in salads - i.e. alfalfa
    sprouts, mung beans etc.

    I sprout the seed mix from the store - of course if your mix
    has pellets added remove them.

    I have one tiel and sprout about 1/2 tsp of seeds. You can
    even soak them ina 1/4 cup of water for 12-16 hours and feed
    to the birds at that time instead of the full sprouting
    process because the germination process has started.

    Rinse seeds thoroughly in a small sieve. I trim a coffee
    filter to fit in a small (about 8-10oz.) gladware plastic
    container. Put filter in bowl, add rinsed seeds, cover
    lightly. I rinse mine once a day - ideally 3 times is
    better. Realistically, with a small amount rinse once a day
    and in 2 days you will see some of the seeds starting to grow.

    Rinse before serving to your birds. Keep the sprouts seperate
    from the other foods, you don't want the pellets to get wet
    and sit.

    Sprouts have a very high life energy, and the seeds go under a
    transformation when germinating - they become a very healthy
    fresh food from a so-so higher fat food.

    It's very easy and your birds will love it!