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Post: About ACV ~~~

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/18/07

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    Too many articles say give bath in Apple Cider Vinegar but
    to me it would burn and irritatte so I don't do that.

    About every 5 weeks I put 5 drops of ACV in 8 oz of
    drinking water to help prevent any minor bacteria that
    could sneak in. A major bacteria will need a prescribed
    med by your avian vet.

    Some also say use only the 'mother' type acv. My vet says
    the regular grocery store kind is just as good.

    Cleaning I do with 1/2 white vinegar/1/2 water always
    handy in a spray bottle or 3 around my house.

    When I put up nest boxes adult birds get the acv/water
    mixture for 3 days hoping they won't pass on any minor
    bacteria to babys. Usually I can give them a 1 day dose
    before babys arrive.

    okay schools over for now :-) I need to get busy again.

    hope the link works to puppy album. They are growing by
    leaps and bounds now at 27 days old.

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