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Re: uh uh you are not.

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/20/07
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    you are here to learn Jill. Rude people chased off Robin. She just
    couldn't take it anymore. She's one of the best breeders I know and
    I miss her here. We didn't do things exactly alike but respected
    each others slight differences.

    Did you look at the kaytee feeding video? There are some good
    basics there to see even if it is a younger baby.

    Is the dad feeding the babys still? trying to remember. They
    usually do the most of the feeding and often times the moms sit and
    watch them work. hahaha As much as I don't like to seperate pairs I
    would take out the mom and let the dad finish feeding them out.
    Awwww with you handeling babys of course they are friendly. When I
    kept babys 2 years ago I seperated male/females into cages when they
    were 5 months old so they didn't attempt to mate. A lady soon took 2
    and I have the 2 guys here in with Sunny my 14 year old. He
    tolerates them and they are out so much it's okay.

    Wish you did know a breeder to get hands on experience. I've had
    people come here to learn. With babys in the house after taking
    from the aviary I didn't have problems with worrying about bacterias
    being brought in. I don't let people go in the aviary. When the
    birds are outside we can take a good look at them though. It's a
    good learning place. Go to Look for breeders
    in your area to check. Also ask your avian vet if he knows a

    Have to say I saw a lady feed a baby quaker one time only before
    babys were hatched here. Having had 5 kids myself I felt confident
    and that's a lot of the situation. That and using logic. When you
    do hand feed you will do great.

    Time to feed puppys and call it a night soon.

    nite all,