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Re: uh uh you are not.

Posted by Melinda on 1/20/07
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    On 1/20/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > you are here to learn Jill. Rude people chased off Robin. She just
    > couldn't take it anymore. She's one of the best breeders I know and
    > I miss her here. We didn't do things exactly alike but respected
    > each others slight differences.
    > Did you look at the kaytee feeding video? There are some good
    > basics there to see even if it is a younger baby.
    > Is the dad feeding the babys still? trying to remember. They
    > usually do the most of the feeding and often times the moms sit and
    > watch them work. hahaha As much as I don't like to seperate pairs I
    > would take out the mom and let the dad finish feeding them out.
    > Awwww with you handeling babys of course they are friendly. When I
    > kept babys 2 years ago I seperated male/females into cages when they
    > were 5 months old so they didn't attempt to mate. A lady soon took 2
    > and I have the 2 guys here in with Sunny my 14 year old. He
    > tolerates them and they are out so much it's okay.
    > Wish you did know a breeder to get hands on experience. I've had
    > people come here to learn. With babys in the house after taking
    > from the aviary I didn't have problems with worrying about bacterias
    > being brought in. I don't let people go in the aviary. When the
    > birds are outside we can take a good look at them though. It's a
    > good learning place. Go to Look for breeders
    > in your area to check. Also ask your avian vet if he knows a
    > breeder.
    > Have to say I saw a lady feed a baby quaker one time only before
    > babys were hatched here. Having had 5 kids myself I felt confident
    > and that's a lot of the situation. That and using logic. When you
    > do hand feed you will do great.
    > Time to feed puppys and call it a night soon.
    > nite all,
    > LindaC
    > zzzzzzzzzzzz

    I hope when I'm old, I have the good sense to know when to stop giving
    one-sided, have-to-do-it-my-way opinions.
    I've read your posts for quite a while Linda and I have to say that you
    have enough knowledge to get by, but you do have a way of implying that
    it has to be done your way without any other options. And when YOU
    disagree with someone else's methods, you find a way to put a dig in
    for something not being "natural" or the way it's done in that god-
    forsaken state of Oklahoma.
    Oh, and by the way, I find it so amusing that when asked a genetics
    question you dance around and squirm without an answer. Seems to me
    that a quality "breeder" would know what happens when you mix black and

    nite all,