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Re: i feel like such a screw up

Posted by jill on 1/22/07
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    i am at crane naval base in indiana...know anyone in this area by chance?

    On 1/21/07, Cheri wrote:
    > On 1/20/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> Jill, where are you located? Find a breeder in your area to
    >> demonstrate handfeeding to you.
    >> On 1/20/07, jill wrote:
    >>> sorry i didn't mean to cause a scean. i feel so awful about the
    >>> whole thing. i was just so nervous about hand feeding. i don't
    >>> have anyone here that can show me how and if i mess it up then
    >>> it's the babies that suffer. i threw out the old shavings and put
    >>> in new dry one's. not that it matters now since babies aren't in
    >>> the box. i do put the goodies on the bottom of the cage so all the
    >>> birds can get into them and eat but haven't seen the babies
    >>> messing around the dish. i guess maybe i could put an ad in the
    >>> local paper for someone that hand feeds to help me. once i've
    >>> actually seen it done i just know i can pick it right up.
    >>> i do so appreciate everyone's two cents. all oppinions are taken
    >>> in even if it sometimes doesn't seem like it. i am here to learn
    >>> and think that you all are good people with good methods that work
    >>> well for you and your birds. my babies are very friendly...even
    >>> though they don't have alot of feathers. they will be staying here
    >>> with me for the rest of thier days reguardless. and hopefully mom
    >>> will let them alone now that they are no longer in the box.
    >>> perhaps i will learn a good hand feeding method before i allow
    >>> another clutch and i won't have such a woesome tail the next time.
    >>> thanks again all for your advice, jill
    >>> On 1/20/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    >>>> I do feel strongly that the spoon is not natural and I have that
    >>>> right.
    >>>> Too many don't check temp of formula and I am an advocate for
    >>>> checking water temp and again after formula is mixed and temp
    >>>> maintained with putting the container in a crock of hot water. I
    >>>> did a check on my wrist as some say is okay for an experiment
    >>>> and the formula was at 120 degrees. Did that so I could know
    >>>> for myself that checking is so important.
    >>>> Also tried the spoon but nope it isn't for me nor for my birds.
    >>>> As to species I have fed the quakers, tiels, lovies and keets
    >>>> have thrived here. My daughters CAG was fed with a larger
    >>>> syringe and that was a hoot.
    >>>> The way I collar a baby with my left hand leaves my pointer
    >>>> finger at an angle to support the syringe that is in my right
    >>>> hand, therefore the syringe is not resting on the beak. Pretty
    >>>> simple to me.
    >>>> My facts are straight. The 'many' babys that I have fed, cuddled
    >>>> and socialized are proof of that. They've grown into wonderful,
    >>>> non screaming, adults.
    >>>> Hope you don't attack everyone here this way. There's some nice
    >>>> people here, including me.
    >>>> Hello Jill,
    > Please dont feel like a screw up Two years ago next month I found this
    > site I cant remember how at this time but what had happened was my
    > female tiel thru her baby out at one day old.. I was a wreck and had
    > no idea what to do with something that small.. I went to the local
    > feed/pet store with the chick to get formula and everything I needed
    > to attempt saving the little one... the gal at the store was kind
    > enought to show me what to do with something that small.. I had
    > handfed before but with older chicks... I came home and had I not
    > found this site and Linda I really dont believe the chick would of
    > made it. Linda was there for me the whole way everyday She was my
    > angel and still is. the little chick will be two next month.. I
    > learned alot it was very scary I had alot of self doubt but with the
    > support I found on this site we made it... the chicks name is hope and
    > to me was a true miracle babie.. Have faith your doing great!