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Re: Busy Busy day here.

Posted by jill on 1/22/07
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    sounds like you are a very busy person. i have three teenage
    boys. i start eveyday by getting up and getting them all
    started. as soon as they are on thier way i get my husband
    and i's breakfast(low carb) and get him to bed(works at
    night some) then take the boys to the bus stop. come back
    home get a shower get dressed and go to work. work all day.
    get the kids off the bus shortly after arriving home. get
    everyone into the car and head for our flip. work for a
    couple of hours. come home, get supper watch maybe an hour
    of tv then get my hubby off to work. get the boys in bed and
    go to bed myself around 10. + i squeeze time in there to
    clean cages and take care of birdies(handle babies and
    goodies) and care for the dog...whew...busy days,jill

    On 1/21/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > feeding the friends puppys is a busy time in itself. They
    > needed the help and I am glad I could do this but oh boy I
    > get tired. They will eat again soon and sleep mostly
    > through the night.
    > My daughter is struggeling with filling water containers
    > for her livestock, hauling extra hay and such so I took
    > care of the aviary again for her. Had to stop and talk to
    > all my babys. :-) Lots of kissy sounds from the quakers
    > and that makes my heart smile. The tiels stretched their
    > necks to see what goodies I was bringing for food. Love to
    > see that.
    > Last night I got my truck unstuck from the iced yard so
    > today went to the store and to my oldest daughters for a
    > quick visit. Back home to feed babys again and take a
    > needed nap. Had my chat with best friend in England then
    > my dinner. Need to finish some bird toys and that's about
    > it.
    > Hope everybirdie is doing well.
    > LindaC