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Re: screeching

Posted by LindaC in OK on 1/24/07
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    On 1/23/07, Bill Raid wrote:
    > We've had our Cockatiel for 2 years. We found him in our
    > back yard. He screeches a lot. Would getting a companion
    > Cockatiel help or make matters worse? Covering his cage
    > seems to be the only thing that works. Any ideas would be
    > welcomed.

    you are the birds flock and getting another might get you 2
    screaming ones. Sometimes it works out and sometimes not.
    To me covering would only confuse the issue between

    my next thought is the home the bird came from wondering if
    they are still heartbroken. I know I would be. Did you look
    on and 911parrotalert for lost birds at
    any time? If you tell me the city and state you are in I
    will look around. And what mutation/color is he?

    As to what the bird is trying to tell you... are his wings
    clipped so he can safetly have out of cage time at all
    opportunitys? Does he have a good diet to include healthy
    veggies? Does he get a good misting 2 or 3 times a week?