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Re: Jill, how are the babies doing?

Posted by jill on 1/31/07
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    almost 7 weeks. they are big but don't feed themselves yet. i'm
    really thinking about hand feeding the next group if i can find
    someone to show me how. anyway, i think i might know
    someone...going to find out tonight i hope. i'll send some new
    pics later too,jill

    On 1/31/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > How old are the babies now?
    > On 1/31/07, jill wrote:
    >> they are doing great...had to clip feathers yesterday
    >> because they wouldn't stop flying all over the livingroom
    >> crashing into walls and stuff. i was afraid they would get
    >> hurt. mom and dad started laying eggs this too
    >> early? how much longer till babies are weaned and ready to
    >> leave mom and dads cage? would like to put them in another
    >> big cage by themselves but i don't think they are ready yet.
    >> anyway, thanks for asking about the little buggers,jill
    >> On 1/29/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >>> Hi Jill,
    >>> Just wondering how the new babies were doing?