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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by cheri on 2/28/07
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    On 2/27/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > congratulations on new birdies. oh poor Citron misses his
    > buddy. can't imagine the other person just letting you take
    > one. There is no way to know how long the broken heart will
    > last.
    > I haven't been here either with my copd / emphyzema kicking
    > me in the behind.
    > good luck,
    > LindaC

    Hi Linda,
    Good to see you online agian sorry to hear about your empyzema
    I hope your feeling better, Well this was a while ago I wrote
    you .. Piper my Goffin is doing great he spends the evening on
    the sofa with me and cant get enough cuddles he has adjusted
    well...its really neat having him in our flock.. i just
    started the chamomile tea and aloe juice (that stuff aint
    cheap) lol.. so we shall see if Kiwi (quaker) benifits from
    it. Hope you and your flock are doing better good to see your
    back.. always love hearing what you have to say,, you have a
    great day!!!
    Hugs! Cheri