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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by cheri on 3/02/07
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    On 3/01/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > Piper sounds wonderful. I've not been around too many goffins.
    > I was at a ladys house several years ago and as I started to sit
    > on the couch where she indicated she also said her bird/goffin
    > would bite and over he jumped. Well I'm not that dumb to sit
    > there so I stood a while before leaving. :-) Shame on her she
    > made no effort to put him away. I did take the opportunity to
    > tell her his cage sure needed to be taken to the car wash for
    > the power hoses. so take that lady ~~~~~~cage was really dirty.
    > just popped in here for a minute and back to genealogy stuff.
    > me eyes are already blurry but here I go.
    > ((( ))) hugs to you and yours,
    > LindaC

    HI Linda ,, always fun to see you have been on here... well I
    think back when you first met me and all I had was teils and
    lovies... how things have changed my dream is comming true right
    infront of me.. Oh yes I still have my tiels they are with me
    until the end.. and then there is Kiwi my A hole but I love him
    quaker.. then our Jenday I told you about who is my other halfs
    bird all the way and then Wonderful Wonderful Piper, who is doing
    really well and his cage is very clean ... I clean every other day
    bars trays dishes , perches ect ,, Really particular about that ..
    I had thought I had enough birds but then came the offer to take a
    Mustache Parakeet .. she is plucked so just down on her . My other
    half named her Fluffy of all things lol.... We are on day two with
    her.. she never had out of cage time and only a seed diet so i am
    offering her everything good for her cooked birdie food. veggies
    fruit and she seems to be really enjoying it all... she is not the
    nicest little gal but very happy to jump on my shoulder and tell
    me a storie... ...well all is well here , I hope all is well with
    you seen your struggling with a few health issues , pray for your
    wellness and that your feeling better.. Good to hear from
    you ..and bet me when I get some more pics taken I will come to
    you on how to do that thing agian..Lol
    Take good care and have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs!! Cheri