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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by cheri on 3/04/07
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    On 3/04/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > no doubt your cages are well kept. Other references were about that
    > other lady......... :-)
    > My Lilo/q isn't very nice either sad to say. Love her anyway.
    > Keep up the good stuff with veggies for Fluffy. that is always
    > rewarding with better health and feather condition.
    > stuff to do here.
    > LindaC
    Hi Linda,, did I mention I was doing the tea and Aloe as well for all
    three.. Piper, Kiwi and Fluffy,, today is fluffys first day and I have
    been misting her and Piper as they dont bathes as easily as kiwi.. I
    dont think anything will happen for kiwi as I think his folicals are
    gone but Fluffy and Piper have a chance.. refresh.
    1 Cup normal camomile tea diluted with 22oz water
    tea two days on normal water two days and so on and so on...

    couple drops aloe juice in mist bottle or bath water? thats what i
    have been doing Kiwi and Piper are on round two,
    Good to hear from you!!! hi to your flock...