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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/07/07
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    the chamomile tea recipe in an article writen by a holistic avian vet
    said for tiels dilute the 1 cup tea to make 40 oz total. To be given
    for a full 5 days then off and on as you said. After the initital time
    then give regular water always. I would not make stronger for fluffy
    even though larger.

    in mister I put 1/3 aloe juice to 2/3 water. In Lilo/quaker bath
    container I put a few drops.

    I would also give them all apple cider vinegar for 2 or 3 days to flush
    out any minor bacteria. 5 drops in 8 oz of water.

    A bite or so of cultured yogurt would be good too for a probiotic.

    You will have those birdies in tip top shape :-)

    oh heck I need to go start more wheat grass sprouts. almost forgot.

    take care,