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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by cheri on 3/12/07
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    On 3/07/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > the chamomile tea recipe in an article writen by a holistic avian vet
    > said for tiels dilute the 1 cup tea to make 40 oz total. To be given
    > for a full 5 days then off and on as you said. After the initital time
    > then give regular water always. I would not make stronger for fluffy
    > even though larger.
    > in mister I put 1/3 aloe juice to 2/3 water. In Lilo/quaker bath
    > container I put a few drops.
    > I would also give them all apple cider vinegar for 2 or 3 days to flush
    > out any minor bacteria. 5 drops in 8 oz of water.
    > A bite or so of cultured yogurt would be good too for a probiotic.
    > You will have those birdies in tip top shape :-)
    > oh heck I need to go start more wheat grass sprouts. almost forgot.
    > take care,
    > LindaC

    Hello,, Just dropping in to say all is well... No new feathers yet but
    they are playing with there toys and eating good.. Fluffy the fuzzy gal
    seems to be so happy, they had told me she never played with the toys they
    gave her , I went out and bought her a new cage , rope perch and some
    madrona perches. toys and a hut , she is happy or seems to be very much,
    she eats her veggies and fruit everyday not sure what her favorites are
    yet. Piper my Goffin as always loves his nilla wafers and he is doing
    great , i left for a couple days and man when i got home I didnt realize
    how much my birds loved me...even my little buthead Kiwi gave me a kiss.
    Piper was doing a dance and hoping around on his cage.. the teils chirp
    chirp chirp.. felt good . Well hope all is well on your end I see your
    busy with others... talk to you soon take good care linda.