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Re: Linda C?/Hi Cheri

Posted by cheri on 3/13/07
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    On 3/13/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > I wish we lived closer too so you could help. ahahaha. I am 80 miles east of
    > Oklahoma City in a very small town. Not even a traffic light :-) Lots of stop
    > signs and we do need a couple of lights.
    > 1962 - 1966 I lived in Everett. ARe you close to there? I would love to have a
    > picture of the home I had so I keep asking. I did truly love Washington.
    > This time change is the pits. I'm awake but barely :-) Birdies are starting to
    > wake up. We have dense fog so it will be a gloomy day.
    > Have a good one,
    > LindaC
    Good Morning Linda,
    It must be about 10 am your time now...its 7 am here.. We live in Mt Vernon about
    45 min North of Everett. I could go take that picture if I knew the address? and
    send it to you. If the house is still there.
    Well same kind of weather here too gloomy , My birds are still all sleeping.. I
    went thru the cubbard last night and found some animal crackers so deffinately
    will change Piper.. I dont want to do anything that would not be good for him.. I
    need to get a camera so bad...and get some pics off to you... they are still doing
    the Chamomile tea gig now new feathers yet...oh theres Piper , he is awake now.
    Well have a good day,, I am serious about going to Everett and taking that picture
    for you... I would just google the address and see if the house is still there and
    I would be happy to go do that for you... Ok well things are waking up here so
    need to go get breakfast started for them. Ok well talk at ya soon.
    Have a good day and take care of you!