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Re: Need help with tiel colors

Posted by Mandy on 2/23/07
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    On 2/23/07, Amanda wrote:
    > Hello, I have a normal male paired with a whiteface pearl
    > hen. I currently have three babies from them 1 is lutino,
    > I am trying to figure out if the other two are Whitefaces?
    > I do not think they are normals because they are more
    > charcole color and do not have orange on the cheeks.

    My first experience with Cockatiels was with a good friend
    of mine name Chili Macho. (If you havenít guessed, Chili
    Macho was a Cockatiel.) Chili loved entertaining people and
    he really became quite a charmer.
    One of Chiliís favorite games was playing tug-of-war with a
    toothpick. He never seemed to get tired of it and he would
    play with just about anyone that was interested. It turned
    out that he had some amazon in his genes. He came from
    guatamala and he likes tacos. He's not into whitefaces.
    Actually, hes a Pale checkered Amatiel.