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Re: my cockatiels layed 2 eggs are they finished laying?

Posted by Kar on 2/27/07
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    thank you for your response. I have read much on the
    subject. However, there isn't much on rather or not it is ok
    to check on them. Some literature has said to check on them
    to get the hen used to you checking so that she doesn't
    trample the eggs or chicks and others say to leave them
    alone. So, I was torn on this as many times much of the
    information I read contradicts the other. But, I had never
    read where it could interupt the egg laying cycle. That is a
    question that arose off the top of my head. Obviously I am a
    new hobby breeder and even though I have read alot on the
    subject, the experience is still fresh to me and new questions
    are arising. So, please excuse me if I seem very ignorant. I
    lack experience but have alot of knowledge on the subject.
    But, that still doesn't stop me from second guessing what I
    have read lol :)

    On 2/27/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 2/27/07, Kar wrote:
    >> My cockatiel hen has layed 2 eggs thus far. They were
    >> layed every other day. which means that she should have
    >> layed another yesterday. so is it safe to say that she is
    >> finished laying? If so, is this clutch what I can always
    >> expect from her? I have checked on the pair alot since
    >> they started laying eggs. Is it possible that i
    >> interupted them and that is why she only layed 2 eggs?
    >> They are incubating the eggs fulltime now.
    > Yes, you shouldn't be constantly checking on her all the
    > time.
    > Yes, you could have interupted her egg laying cycle by doing
    > that. You're lucky she didn't turn around and destroy the
    > eggs. It's possible that she will have another egg. maybe,
    > maybe not.
    > No, you can't be guaranteed that she'll only lay 2 eggs in
    > future clutches unless that particular species is known to
    > only lay a certain amount of eggs per clutch and I would
    > advise you to find literature that tells you about that
    > subject. Make sure the reading material only deals with
    > tiels---Dave