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Re: my cockatiels layed 2 eggs

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/01/07
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    congratulations on tiel eggs and prospective q eggs. i do check
    nest boxes daily in the evening so I know what's going on. With
    yours peeved maybe you shouldn't do that so often as Dave said. I
    truly would candle so I know what to expect and I also number gently
    with a Sharpie so my records are organized.

    Do you give your birds apple cider vinegar to help if they have any
    minor bacteria before they start to feed babys? put 5 drops of acv
    in 8 oz of water for 3 days for tiels and quakers. Sometimes I do
    it again for 1 day just before projected hatch date. I give it to
    all the birds every 5 or 6 weeks and I know some breeders that do
    this once a month without fail.

    I turned my aviary over to my daughter and she is watching the blue
    q's work their nest box. You just never know with quakers they can
    work a nb for months. they will lay when they are ready and not a
    minute before. This one pair have pretty babys but not good feeders
    so we have to take the babys soon after they hatch.

    hopefully your birds are all on good diets including lots of fresh
    veggies. Now is the time to get them use to the softer foods they
    need to feed babys. I give them cooked brown rice, mashed hard
    boiled egg (no shell) and mashed baked sweet potato 2 or 3 times a
    day when there are babys and it's part of balanced diet any other
    time along with seed, a few natural pellets but not every day and
    crock pot cooked turkey or chicken or pasta or beans and on and
    on...... :-) WE all eat really well.

    happy thoughts,