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Re: Eggs

Posted by LindaC in OK on 3/01/07
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    sounds like maybe you are taking eggs away? this will only
    encourage her to lay more and yes the risk is in depleting
    calcium from her system. put 2 or 3 layers of paper towel
    on cage floor with edges scrunched up to form a bowl so eggs
    won't roll and leave them there. She might lay 1 or
    several. at about 25'ish days after the 'last' one is laid
    she would abandon them.

    No nest box for single girl bird please.

    boost her calcium foods of kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli,
    mustard and collard greens and of course always a cuttlebone
    in the cage.

    after you take the eggs later and clean cage well move
    everything around about once a week to get her out of her
    comfy egg laying mode. 'everything' including perches,
    water and food dishes and toys. Also give her less daylight
    time by covering earlier and uncovering later. You can't
    stop the laying now but you can 'help' deter her attention
    after this cycle. (I almost said normal cycle but that's
    only if a single hen lays 2 or 3 times a year and regular
    sized clutches) If that doesn't happen she might need
    lupron shots at the vets.

    take care,


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