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Re: Eggs

Posted by Gilda on 3/01/07
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    Thank you Linda for your response and your recomendations. My
    girl is not alone, she has a male partner, but they are not
    mating lately and they dont have a nest box. I have tried
    puting a nest box one month ago, but non succesfully because
    only the male went into the box while the female kept outside
    and liying unfertile eggs in the same usual corner of the
    cage, like always she does, and they were not mating, then I
    took that box out. I never remove all the eggs from the cage,
    I use to remove some of them if they are too many, like seven
    or eight, I keep three or four. And I never have changed the
    set up of the cage, the place of the toys and the cups, I will
    do it if that helps her distracting fron laying more.

    I'm feeding them with pellets, seeds and powdered oyster
    shells over the foods, some nutri berries and spray millet.
    She refuses to eat anyting green or fruits, she only accept
    dry foods.
    I'll try to follow your intructions and give her another
    chance before taking her to the vet, awfully she will stop. I
    hope so, I'm really concerned about her, she is my beloved
    pet. Thanks again, Linda.

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