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Post: Hormonal tiel questions

Posted by Jo-Ann on 3/03/07

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    This is a question about the hormonal issues of a female
    tiel. I don't have a male.

    She's been a bit more vocal the last few days and she
    starts with the little squeaky chirpy noise and "presents"
    herself - mostly when my husband has her with him. She is
    bonded to me and has made that noise and posture with me
    once or twice.

    Here are the questions: Since I use a sleep cage also for
    her, would she still lay eggs? Would she lay an egg while
    we are holding her? What should we do when she makes that
    noise and posture?

    I appreciate and information about this, I'll know what to
    do when we have eggs, I'm just not sure what to do before
    to prevent it but still maintain a close bond.


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