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Re: worried about egg binding...exp. answers plz?

Posted by Aaron on 3/05/07
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    On 3/05/07, leyann wrote:
    > I'm a new hobby breeder and always a big worry wart. So,
    > I don't want to jump to conclusions. Here's my story
    > please tell me what you think. Hen has been dropping her
    > big huge droppings since about thursday or friday
    > morning. She has stayed in the nestbox the whole
    > weekend. Her appetite is fine, she is drinking. Today she
    > does have a swollen cloaka and has been in the nestbox
    > again all day. So, It's been 3-4 days that she has spent
    > inside the nest box. I'm getting worried because she is
    > now swollen and you can see that there is an egg inside of
    > her. Should I be concerned yet? I've called my vet but
    > she isn't available today. None of the stores around here
    > have liquid calcium. I'm boilig an egg now to give her.
    > she also has a cuttle bone and mineral block. I got
    > somewhat concerned earlier and put her in some warm
    > water. Does she sound egg bound or just getting ready to
    > lay?

    The fact that she is pooping indicates that she is not egg
    bound. If she was, she wouldn't be able to pass her waste.
    The egg and the other calcium sources should be fine. Make
    sure to include the shell when you chop the egg.

    If you do find that you need to get liquid calcium, you can
    get it at a pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist. Doesn't have to
    come from a bird supply.

    Good Luck!!!