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Re: worried about egg binding...exp. answers plz?

Posted by Aaron on 3/05/07
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    On 3/05/07, Fran wrote:
    > On 3/05/07, Aaron wrote:
    >> On 3/05/07, leyann wrote:
    >>> I'm a new hobby breeder and always a big worry wart. So,
    >>> I don't want to jump to conclusions. Here's my story
    >>> please tell me what you think. Hen has been dropping her
    >>> big huge droppings since about thursday or friday
    >>> morning. She has stayed in the nestbox the whole
    >>> weekend. Her appetite is fine, she is drinking. Today she
    >>> does have a swollen cloaka and has been in the nestbox
    >>> again all day. So, It's been 3-4 days that she has spent
    >>> inside the nest box. I'm getting worried because she is
    >>> now swollen and you can see that there is an egg inside of
    >>> her. Should I be concerned yet? I've called my vet but
    >>> she isn't available today. None of the stores around here
    >>> have liquid calcium. I'm boilig an egg now to give her.
    >>> she also has a cuttle bone and mineral block. I got
    >>> somewhat concerned earlier and put her in some warm
    >>> water. Does she sound egg bound or just getting ready to
    >>> lay?
    > One of the symptoms of being eggbound IS big poops. The
    > presence of the egg in the tract leaves less room for the bird
    > to pass droppings, so she goes less frequently, and it is
    > larger. If your bird has been straining several days she is
    > most likely eggbound. This is a serious situation which
    > requires an avian vet ASAP. Don't wait, you could lose your
    > bird.

    Fran, you're partially right. The egg does impact the lower GI
    tract, but if the poop is still coming the bird is usually not in
    a compromised situation.
    The reason they are large is that this bird is in breeding mode
    and spending time in the nest box and will make less frequent
    trips out of the box to poop. That is why the size is larger
    than normal.
    I don't disagree that egg binding is serious, but new and nervous
    breeders read into things and don't allow for nature to take it's
    course. Egg binding is usually in birds that are poorly cared for
    with poor diets. From what I read, this wasn't the case.

    I'm glad it passed for you Leann. Don't try to predict the next
    egg. It will come when it comes.