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Re: worried about egg binding...exp. answers plz?

Posted by Aaron on 3/06/07
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    On 3/06/07, Fran wrote:
    > Aaron, Have you ever lost a bird to egg-binding?

    No Fran, thankfully I have not.

    Please understand that I am not discounting your concern. Egg
    binding is very real and very serious. But it has been my experience
    that "most" new parents of breeding birds have concerns that are
    often times unfounded. I realize that this is a generalization, but
    internet diagnosis is at best, mediocre.
    I use and avian vet and I encourage everyone to do so.
    A judgment call needs to be made as to whether or not a bird should
    be seen by your vet. None of us can answer internet questions and
    guarantee that our answer is correct.

    I would not discourage anyone that wants to see a vet if they think
    their bird is egg bound, but would not criticize anyone who didn't
    when, in my opinion, the facts presented didn't indicate symptoms of
    classic egg binding.