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Re: question about feeding response, linda c or anyone

Posted by jill on 3/16/07
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    On 3/12/07, LindaC in OK wrote:
    > not sure what you mean by 'induce feeding response'. When I
    > pull babys at 10 days old I feed them 5 times a day.
    > 7,11,3,7,11. If you pull from 10 to 14 days it would be the
    > same. When they hold food longer then it goes to 4 times a
    > day and that is 'about' a week later. They are on that a
    > week or so then less. The amount of food depends on how
    > full the crop gets. Crop capacity is about 14/15cc and I
    > feed up to 12 mostly not wanting to overstretch the crop.
    > The crop is a temporary reservoir and they can continue to
    > cry up to 15 minutes until the brain kicks in that they
    > really have had enough. When the food moves on for
    > digesting is when this happens.
    > hope this helps.
    > LindaC
    > **I have fostered eggs into another nest with a pair that
    > has eggs but never put a pair in an existing nest.
    hello...i think i mis-spoke myself. i didn't take one pair off
    of eggs, just nb. swapped them out for another pair to have a
    chance. we have three eggs now. don't know how many if any are
    fertile at this point. i've got the flu and felt i shouldn't
    bother the birds too much while ill. anyway, they seem to be
    doing well. the feeding response is the bobbing of the head
    that open's the crop and closes off the windpipe as the baby
    will not drown. the hand raised one's are doing great but i
    would like to try to have some i can be even closer to.
    anyway, thanks for any advice,jill