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Re: question about feeding response, linda c or anyone

Posted by Linda Carl on 3/17/07
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    I know what feeding response is but there isn't a way to *induce
    it* I think is what your original post said.

    ah ha you did move the eggs :-) I gave one or 2 to others that
    laid only infertile myself. Gave them a chance to be parents
    and they were great. (have to insert here I hope you didn't
    literaly move nest boxes. even if it's working that is a
    territorial thing like a bedroom)

    I only ever pulled babys for handfeeding never leaving with
    parents. The ones left with parents I understand from others
    can be handeled often to tame but I chose to always take them.
    I don't think I could have done anything different than hand
    feeding and super socializing them and giving them balanced
    diet. I still have people contact me wanting one of 'my'
    babys. that makes my heart smile and I turn them over to my
    daughter. She too does really well with all the babys.

    Just be your loving self with the babys Jill and they will be

    Hope you feel better soonest.

    ((( )))