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Post: Aggressive male

Posted by nancy on 3/17/07

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    I have a 3yr male tiel that has been aggressive when
    sitting (to me when I would check to see eggs), but never
    to his mate. I know it is normal when weather is becoming
    warm, however he made her bleed, on Her wing and foot. What
    should I do? I took him out to let her rest and heal. I
    hope this doesn't upset him more. Is their something I can
    do to make him less aggressive towards her. I know he is
    feeling frisky, but I do not want him killing her for it.
    Will this continue? If I put him back and he starts bitting
    her again what should I do? Should I put him back? If I
    take the box off will it help or should I leave it? Please
    help. Is this then end of his breeding, because he is
    overly aggressive. She is the same age as him. Thank for
    any info. Never had a bird as bad as him.

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