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Re: Aggressive male

Posted by LindaC in Ok on 3/18/07
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    awww he is being super defensive of 'his' territory. I
    scoot them out of nest box with a plastic spatula, close off
    the entrance hole and check eggs/babys. This is with nest
    box attached to outside of cage or flight.

    No he shouldn't be so aggresive he makes her bleed. I've
    not had one do this. Marital fusses yes. I did have one
    male chase the female around because he thought it was her
    fault I was checking things but he didn't make her bleed.

    Is this their first clutch? Could be he is learning. I
    wouldn't rule them out for breeding nor would I seperate
    them forever. Gosh no don't take off the nest box with eggs

    All I can do is wish you well.